La Tonya Roberts


Hi! I’m La Tonya. 

Empowering busy professionals to keep the passion in their purpose-full lives by making self care a priority so they can thrive.

My Story

I’m La Tonya, founder or LTR, and mom of two beautiful daughters. I am a former burntout HR consultant turned executive & optimal wellness coach who combines my passions for women’s empowerment; health & wellness; diversity, equity & inclusion; & business strategy to empower others to thrive in business, life, and wellness. 

I spent 15 years working for top management consulting firms where I helped clients design strategies to successfully navigate major changes in how they operate, create cultures where people feel like they belong, and supported leaders in adapting new mindsets and learn new skills to confidently lead their teams. 

Today, my team and I work with clients across the world to develop sustainable personal or corporate wellness plans; design and implement human-centered HR strategies; manage projects on time and within budget; deliver training so that people can excel in their role; and coach clients in taking intentional action towards crushing their goals. 

At LTR we know how important it is to take care of your whole self in order to be your best self so we apply a wholistic approach when working with clients. Whether you come to us to support you in your business or personal life, you can trust that this team has your best interest in mind.  


Why a Holistic Approach?

For over a decade I worked a stressful job where taking time for you is extremely important, but often the last priority. I was that overachiever, career-focused, ready to take on the world kinda girl. Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, that fast-paced life eventually catches up to you and takes its toll on your body. I ignored the signs of fatigue until my body just said NO MORE! One day at work I began to feel very weak and within an hour it was as if all of the energy left my body and all I could do was lay my head on my desk. My coworkers had to take me to the ER where I was diagnosed with Fatigue and ordered to take a week of leave from work. That was wake up call number one. The second resulted in me getting Vertigo on my daughter’s birthday. Another week away from work and more importantly, I had to cancel the party and take this moment away from my child. I had enough!

Those were just a couple of things that made me think that it was time to try something different. Maybe I needed a career change. If anything, I needed to slow down and take time for me. My body was screaming at me, and I was listening. I began making self care a priority and saw the positive difference that it made in my life. I was more productive at work, a more present mom, and a better person. Others noticed the changes and I began spreading the word on the importance of self care. Eventually I made it my business and LTR was formed.



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