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I empower women to go from stressed out to living a life of purpose, passion and priority

Are you…
Overworked and under-valued?
Stressed out with no work/life harmony?
Not walking in your purpose?
Ready to take control of your health and wellness?

Seeking more passion and joy in your life?



The Corporate Coach

Go from technically competent to the C-Suite


Say "YES!" to You

Walk in your authority and live life on purpose, with purpose

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Why La Tonya?

I know what it’s like to  crave work/life “balance” when there is no such thing; how to smile and outwork your coworkers when all you really want is to curl up under your desk and take a nap; to say “Yes” to everything out of fear that if you said “No”, you would be judged and all of your efforts would go unnoticed. I also know what it’s like to take back your power and design a career on your terms; to say “No” without retaliation, to create work/life harmony and be present with your loved ones. When you know your worth and have the confidence to stand up for yourself, life can be whatever You want it to be. As a Coach, I empower you to walk in your authority and live life on purpose, with purpose.

With over a decade as a business transformation consultant living the corporate life and completely burning out, I understand the importance of focusing on wellness to achieve work/life harmony.  Using corporate strategies tailored for you and my Optimal WELLness framework, I enable you to do the same while starting or scaling your business, pursuing your dreams, or simply creating your own wellness plan.

As a new business owner (6 months!),  La Tonya’s tips have helped this journey seem a little less scary. She has helped me get organized and come up with a solid game plan for outreach and business growth. I am excited to continue to learn the tricks of the trade!


As a new business owner and trying to grow my business, I really need to be on track to get work done. I started implementing this amazing daily mode of operation ( DMO) for my morning and evening routine. La Tonya, really knows how to help people by providing great value with these tips and tricks. I am so grateful for her. I really have started to see a huge difference for myself, and I am so happy that now I have flow in my daily routine to grow my business. Thank you!

La Tonya is an amazing business strategist and consultant! She helped me organize my thoughts, which allowed me to think clearly and see the overall big picture. La Tonya was very patient as I worked through my thoughts and provided guidance in perspective shifts.

There is a certain finesse great speakers posses to hold the audience’s attention. Ms. Roberts time and time again has demonstrated she has the IT FACTOR to walk alongside many legendary orators of our time.


The Corporate Coach

Empowering professionals to go from technically competent to the C-Suite
  • Push past limiting belief to become the leader you want to be
  • Design a strategic plan and engage others to embrace the vision
  • Adapt your communication style to effectively talk to anyone, speak their language and get their buy-in
  • Develop processes to reduce waste and increase productivity
  • Delegate based on observed talent to bring individuals to peak performance
  • Design a wellness plan to prevent/conquer burnout and operate in flow
  • Achieve work/life harmony

    Say “YES!” to You

    Empowering women to go from burnout to living a life of purpose, passion and prosperity
    • Gain clarity in your purpose, passion and talents
    • Push past limiting beliefs and live a life with out limits
    • Develop strategies to design the life you want
    • Accomplish your goals and maintain momentum with accountability sessions
    • Create a wellness plan to prevent/conquer burnout and be more present